Packman Consulting builds networks from the ground up and implements network based
office scheduling and communication software to centralize, track, automate and back up all of your office communications. We also install centralized firewall and antiviral solutions which will secure your network. Our experience with automated backup software will add a further layer of security to your office network-you can rely on us to make sure all of your important files are stored safely and redundantly. Your business will have reliable network printers and Internet access. At Packman Consulting we stand behind the services and products we offer and will take any reasonable steps to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

The proper administration and setup of a network server is a complicated and involved process. Rest assured that Packman Consulting has the experience and professionalism to set up your server so that all the software processes run properly. We install your hardware or software firewall, DHCP, VPN, DNS, Web and Email services, and make sure your server is properly maintained.

The unfortunate reality is that hardware does not last forever. If your computer is malfunctioning we will isolate and analyze the problem, listen to your requirements and implement a solution. We are familiar with all the common hardware upgrades, repairs and installation procedures and are honest and upfront about the costs that will be incurred.

Our consultants will examine your existing IT infrastructure, assess your business requirements and provide solution alternatives to ensure the value of our concepts. Their goal is to enhance business communication and to improve productivity. When the scope of the project demands, we relegate a project manager who is responsible for setting, maintaining and achieving project objectives and making sure that timelines and workplace critical environments are respected.

Sometimes a problem can be solved without the physical presence of a Packman Consulting employee. We use remote assistance software from Microsoft and Web-Ex which will allow us to control your computer from a remote location. We also offer competitive rates for telephone and video-conference support.

We make sure that our staff includes members who have experience training both individuals and groups to use technology infrastructures efficaciously. To that end they commit themselves to listen attentively to your questions and concerns, and to convey procedures in a complete and professional manner. When your company hires Packman Consulting to provide training, you are ensured that your employees are trained in what they need to know. We will not waste your time and money teaching extraneous information not applicable to your workplace.