This section is for the use of our clients. Some of the links on this page may be password-protected dependent on the sensitivity of the information contained.

Remote Assistance: Please click here to download 'Packman_Support.exe' then run the executable to begin your remote support session. Always contact Packman Consulting by phone prior to initiating a support session.

Security-Your computer requires multiple levels of protection to help ensure security while exposed to the modern Internet environment. At the bare minimum you must have a firewall, updated antiviral software and you must keep your programs and operating system updated. It is important for you to keep informed about security issues and to avoid behaviors that will put you at risk. We recommend zonealarm as a software firewall and Norton or Mcaffee antiviral solutions. Please update your computer at the windows update site once a week manually regardless of your automated update processes. The latest version of zonealarm is available at Norton Antivirus software is available at Spyware removal is available at A resource to improve your general security knowledge-

Procedures-Here are some basic procedures that many of our VPN or home clients call us for assistance with:
TO reboot modem or hardware router: PLEASE unplug the power cord from the back of the device and wait 30seconds before plugging it back in. Wait another minute for the device to boot up and run.
TO check and renew your IP address: PLEASE on windows98 click start>run>type winipcfg>pull down the arrow select the PCI ethernet card>your IP address will be displayed>choose release all>renew all>you should have a freshly renewed IP address. PLEASE on windowsXP start>run>cmd>type ipconfig /all in the dos window>this displays your IP information>type ipconfig /renew to get a new IP.
TO check printer functionality PLEASE click start>printers (start>settings>printers on win98)>right click the problem printer>properties>print test page>if the test page prints, your printer is configured for windows, if it does not, you may have to reboot the printer and/or computer or you may have to reinstall your printer